Technology Guide – Transferring Songs From Your iPod to Computer

Transferring files from your iPod to your PC is easy and fast, if you know the tricks. All it takes are some minor adjustments to both devices and you are well on your way to listening to your favorite music anywhere.

1. Connect your iPod to your desktop computer. Run the iTunes software that should start automatically. If not, you may need to do a manual start.

2. When the process of synchronization begins, cancel it so it doesn’t accidentally erase the music on your device. Next, click on the name of your iPod device, which is found on the panel on the left part of the screen.

This device menu gives basic information about your iPod, such as its name and available memory. After this step, select the box that gives you the option to manually manage your music.

3. Search for the option that says Enable Disk Usage at the bottom of your device. By doing this, you can browse through your files in your iPod just like on the desktop computer. Remove your iPod so these settings can take effect the next time you connect.

4. Change folder options inside of Windows to see hidden files by clicking on the Control Panel. Next, click on Tools and select Folder Options and click View. To see the hidden files and folders, click the Show Hidden Folders tab and then select Apply.

5. Reconnect your iPod to your desktop, and you will notice a removable storage disk icon on the screen. This is your iPod, and now it is easy to browse through.

In the iPod Control folder there is another folder named Music, and it contains all the files on your device. All you have to do is copy this folder back to your desktop.

Following these easy steps will make managing your music easier and more accessible now that you can transfer files to your desktop.

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