Are You Searching For the Area Code? Go For Area Code Directory Websites

The use of the latest technology in communication has revolutionized the way the people communicate amongst each other. As compared to the past, today many people have a good access to the telephone and its related integrated systems like the residential telephones, commercial telephones, cellular phones, fax machines, VOIP phone services, and last but not the least the Internet connection. This increase in demand for the telecommunications has lead to the revolution of the telecommunication sector and development of Area-Code Directory.

The Federal and the state regulators govern the area codes. The Federal regulator delegates its authority to the state regulators to decide how and when they need to allot new area codes. The regulators also maintain the central repository of the Area-Code Directory. Sometimes it is very difficult to match an area-code to a specific location, if you are not aware of the changes that have taken place, since you have last used the code. Thus it is very necessary that you always consult the updated Area-Code Directory whenever you are in need of searching for it.

But first let us understand what does the area codes mean? It is the 3 letter prefix, that we recognize as the long-distance dialing code and is assigned by the Federal Regulator that governs all the telephone numbers that come in its jurisdiction in the United States, Canada, and even parts of the Caribbean that is under the US or British Government.

Only in certain circumstances, there is a need to use the area codes in combination with the local number. Some of the circumstances are: when the caller is making a long-distance call, from a place that is outside the jurisdiction of the area codes number; the caller is calling from the cellular phone, using the home base tower; the caller is calling in the area, where there is overlapping of the area codes, which is very common in big cities.

In many cities the codes are frequently overlapping the previously allotted codes, or even split and relocated depending upon the increase in the population and the telephone users. Remember that according to the new Code Directory, the barrackpore pin code does not begin with ‘0’ or ‘1’, as these are either the feature codes or the North America’s Long Distance code. All the area codes start from anywhere between 2 and 8. Also the last two digits of the area-code are always different from one another. The numbers that have the last 2 digits same, are usually reserved for specific purposes and even emergency purpose.

The Code Directory is also useful in cases where you have to do reverse phone lookup, especially in cases, where you are being stalked or harassed telephonically, either through landline or through cellular. It can help you to narrow done your search to a specific location. Thus having an updated knowledge about the code directory is very important. This updated version of the code directory is available online, where many websites are offering even free search for the area codes. So now keep searching.

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