The iPhone 4S in White Offers iCloud

The iPhone 4S in white offers iCloud with all its backup and remote storage capabilities offering a new and exciting way for you to store all your photos, music and more. The handset also provides more features than ever in both its operating system and hardware.

The handset is powered by a dual core A5 processor which works in tandem with the iOS 5 operating system to bring you a powerful phone which is capable of many things. The handset can now be setup completely independently, without a PC (or Mac), and comes with a great set of preinstalled apps which open a world of possibilities to you right in your pocket. New features such as the voice command application, Siri and iMessage have once again put the model series from Apple to the top of the smartphones list. Other handsets which are compatible for iOS 5 include its predecessor, the iPhone 4 respectively.

The device OS includes support for the new storage and backup service from Apple also, called iCloud. This features allows you to create a space (5 gigabytes for free), in which you can automatically store your music, photos, documents and other files and from other Apple devices. It means that wherever you go, you have the ability to watch your iTunes library, even if that song or video isn’t actually in your handset memory itself. Photos meanwhile, automatically appear in your Photos app even when they are stored in the iCloud, having been uploaded form another device. Snap a shot or take a video with the 8 megapixel High Definition (1080 pixel resolution) camera on this device and send it to all others seamlessly through the cloud technology.

The iPhone 4S also provides other great features including better multitasking with multiple applications at once, a front facing camera for FaceTime and other video calls to be made easily and the App Store which allows you to download and customise the handset as much as you like. You can also use Folders to organise all of your apps. Additionally, you have better control over notifications with the Notifications Center which lets you see all of them in one place, dismiss them and choose what you want to see in future.

The iPhone 4S (unlock icloud) in white provides a fast and elegant way to communicate with friends and family, as well as impressive features for all the areas of your life. The addition of the iCloud also makes it easier to move around with all of your music, photos and more with you no matter what.

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